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Welcome to Flavors of Cacao! What you will find here:

  • Chocolate Database - Includes a sortable database of over 1,400 plain dark chocolate bars tasted, catalogued and rated by the author of Flavors of Cacao. It is intended to be used as a resource and should be useful for someone planning a comparative tasting.
  • Review Guide - Describes the rationale behind the rating system used for the database.  In addition, you will find a printable template to be used for reviewing and taking notes on plain dark chocolate.
  • Experiencing Chocolate - An explanation on what might cause certain experiences we have when tasting fine chocolate.
  • Labeling Chocolate - An interesting comparison of packaging and the different ways companies describe their product. *NEW CONTENT ABOUT DEFINING CRAFT CHOCOLATE AND DECIPHERING COCOA PERCENTAGES*
  • About Flavor/Contact - A general overview on factors that contribute to and help shape the final flavor of plain dark chocolate. Contact information for the author can also be found here.

USA and Canadian Craft Chocolate Makers
Updated: March 2015
New Additions in Red

Founder (or Maker)
1 Nutwhats Chandler Arizona U.S.A.   Lisa Rast, Jim Rast
2 Chocofin Fountain Hills Arizona U.S.A.   Lou Mirabella
3 Chocol'ate Old Bisbee Arizona U.S.A.   Gordon Terpening
4 Brazen Phoenix Arizona U.S.A.   Case Coniglio
5 Stone Grindz Scottsdale Arizona U.S.A.   Kasey McCaslin
6 Kyya aka Forgotten Chocolate Elm Springs Arkansas U.S.A.   Rick Boosey
7 Hello Cocoa Fayetteville Arkansas U.S.A.   Lauren Blanco
8 Dick Taylor Ascata California U.S.A.   Adam Dick, Dustin Taylor
9 Bisou Berkeley California U.S.A.   Tracey Britton and Eli Curtis
10 Guittard Burlingame California U.S.A.   Gary Guittard
11 Snake & Butterfly Campbell California U.S.A.   Benjamin Bulik
12 Chocovivo Culver City California U.S.A.   Patricia Tsai
13 ChocXO Irvine California U.S.A.   Richard Foley
14 LetterPress Los Angeles California U.S.A.   David Menkes
15 Bar Au Chocolat Manhattan Beach California U.S.A.   Nicole Trutanich
16 Cello Nevada City California U.S.A.   Ned and Debi Russell
17 Sacred Novato California U.S.A.   Steve Adler
18 Bittersweet Origins Oakland California U.S.A.   Seneca Klassen
19 Oakland Chocolate Co. Oakland California U.S.A.   Nancy Nadel
20 Parliament Redlands California U.S.A.   Ryan Berk
21 Marsatta Redondo Beach California U.S.A.   Jeffray Gardner
22 Dandelion San Francisco California U.S.A.   Todd Masonis, Cameron Ring
23 TCHO San Francisco California U.S.A.   Timothy Childs
24 Scharffen Berger San Francisco California U.S.A. 1997 John Scharffenberger, Robert Steinberg '97-'05
25 L'Amourette San Francisco California U.S.A.   Andre V. Lamourette
26 Root Chocolate San Francisco California U.S.A.   Landen Zernickow and Richard
27 twenty-four blackbirds Santa Barbara California U.S.A.   Mike Orlando
28 Arete Santa Clara California U.S.A.   David and Leslie Senk
29 Firefly Sebastopol California U.S.A.   Jonas Ketterle
30 DeVries Denver Colorado U.S.A. 2005 Steve DeVries
31 Dead Dog Chocolate aka Pomm Denver Colorado U.S.A.   Damaris Graves and Katelyn Fox
32 Nuance Fort Collins Colorado U.S.A.   Toby and Alix Gadd
33 Castronovo Stuart Florida U.S.A.   Denise Castronovo
34 SRSLY Tallahassee Florida U.S.A.   Bob Williamson
35 Condor Athens Georgia U.S.A.   Peter and Nick Dale
36 Cacao Atlanta Atlanta Georgia U.S.A.   Kristen Hard
37 Park 75 Atlanta Georgia U.S.A.   Robert Gerstenecker
38 Xocolatl Atlanta Georgia U.S.A.   Elaine Read and Matt Weyandt
39 Moloa'a Bay Anahola (Kaua'I) Hawai'I U.S.A.   Daphne McClure
40 Madre Honolulu (Oahu) Hawai'I U.S.A.   Nat Bletter
41 Lonahana Honolulu (Oahu) Hawai'I U.S.A.   Seneca Klassen
42 Manoa Kailua (Oahu) Hawai'I U.S.A.   Dylan Butterbaugh
43 Original Hawaiian Chocolate Factory Kailua-Kona(Hawaii) Hawai'I U.S.A. 1999 Pam and Bob Cooper
44 Garden Island Chocolate Kilauea (Kauai) Hawai'I U.S.A.   Koa Kahili
45 Nanea Kilauea(Kauai) Hawai'I U.S.A.   Koa Kahili
46 Shark's Papaikou (Hawaii) Hawai'I U.S.A.   Thomas Sharkey
47 Noir d'Ebine Evanston Illinois U.S.A.   Journey Shannon
48 Ethereal Confections Woodstock Illinois U.S.A.   Mary Ervin, Sara Ervin
49 Bowler Man Michigan City Indiana U.S.A.   Michael and Amanda Joyner
50 Davis Mishawaka Indiana U.S.A.   Brent Davis
51 Violet Sky South Bend Indiana U.S.A.   Hans and Alison Westerink
52 Cellar Door Chocolates Louisville Kentucky U.S.A.   Erika Chavez-Graziano
53 Acalli Gretna Louisiana U.S.A.   Carol Morse
54 Antler Presque Isle Maine U.S.A.   Emma Schultz
55 Charm School Baltimore Maryland U.S.A.   Joshua Rosen
56 Spagnvola Gaithersburg Maryland U.S.A.   Eric and Crisoire Reid
57 Sibu Sura Myersville Maryland U.S.A.   Julie McLean
58 Chequessett North Truro Massachusetts U.S.A.   Katherine Reed, Josiah Mayo
59 Taza Somerville Massachusetts U.S.A.   Alex Whitmore
60 Somerville Somerville Massachusetts U.S.A.   Eric Parkes
61 Rogue Three Rivers Massachusetts U.S.A.   Colin Gasko
62 Mindo Dexter Michigan U.S.A.   Barbara Wilson, Joe Meza
63 Just Good Chocolate Leland Michigan U.S.A.   Drew Warner, Nichole Warner
64 Peppalo Tecumseh Michigan U.S.A.   John and Erika Aylward
65 Terroir Fergus Falls Minnesota U.S.A.   Kristen and Josh
66 Meadowlands Meadowlands Minnesota U.S.A.   Clyo Howard and Beryl Wells-Hamilton
67 Patric Columbia Missouri U.S.A.   Alan Mclure
68 Askinosie Springfield Missouri U.S.A.   Shawn Askinosie
69 Burnt Fork Bend Stevensville Montana U.S.A.   Jennifer Wicke
70 Ethel's Artisan (Mars) Henderson Nevada U.S.A.   Jin Caldwell (Maker for this Mars division)
71 Source Chocolate Bow New Hampshire U.S.A.   Samantha Fox
72 Vicuna Peterborough New Hampshire U.S.A.   Neeley Cohen
73 Arriba Noir/ Indulge Clarksburg New Jersey U.S.A.   Ramon Recalde
74 Anahata Edison New Jersey U.S.A.   Melanie Flores
75 Dark Forest Lancaster New York U.S.A.   Joanne Marquardt Sundell
76 Fine & Raw New York New York U.S.A.   Daniel Sklaar
77 Raaka New York New York U.S.A.   Ryan Cheney, Nate Hodge
78 Cacao Prieto New York New York U.S.A.   Daniel Preston
79 Mast Brothers New York New York U.S.A.   Rick Mast, Michael Mast
80 Jacques Torres New York New York U.S.A.   Jacques Torres
81 Breeze Mill New York New York U.S.A.   Ari Nadin
82 Bronx Grrl Chocolate New York New York U.S.A.   Regina Monaco
83 Sol Cacao New York New York U.S.A.   Maloney Bros.
84 Fruition Shokan New York U.S.A.   Bryan Graham
85 Tocoti Walworth New York U.S.A.   Dale Montondo, Ellen
86 French Broad Asheville North Carolina U.S.A.   Daniel Ratigan
87 Santosha aka Raw Shakti Asheville North Carolina U.S.A.   Don Rowe
88 Escazu Raleigh North Carolina U.S.A.   Hallot Parson
89 Videri Raleigh North Carolina U.S.A.   Sam Ratto
90 Black Mountain Swamanoa North Carolina U.S.A.   David Mason
91 It's Chocolate Winston-Salem North Carolina U.S.A.   Rom Still
92 Maverick Cincinnati Ohio U.S.A.   Paul Picton
93 Finca Logan Ohio U.S.A.   Dan Hankle
94 Indaphoria Bend Oregon U.S.A.   Aaron Koch
95 Lillie Belle Central Point Oregon U.S.A.   Jeff Shepherd
96 Map Chocolate Co. Eugene Oregon U.S.A.   Mackenzie
97 Woodblock Portland Oregon U.S.A.   Charley Wheelock
98 Treehouse Chocolate Co. Portland Oregon U.S.A.   Aaron Koch
99 Pitch Dark Portland Oregon U.S.A.   Brian Flick
100 Ranger Portland Oregon U.S.A.   Rhonda Zender, George and Patrick
101 Creo Portland Oregon U.S.A.   Tim Straub
102 Mana Portland Oregon U.S.A.   Holly Hukill
103 Wren Portland Oregon U.S.A.   Ryan Herron
104 Dagoba Ashland, San Fran. Oregon, California U.S.A. 2001 Fredrick Schilling '01-'06
105 Dulcinea Craft Chocolate Beaver Pennsylvania U.S.A.   Laurie Rice
106 Nathan Miller Chambersburg Pennsylvania U.S.A.   Nathan Miller
107 Kto Hermitage Pennsylvania U.S.A.   Milford Dennison
108 Love Bar Philadelphia Pennsylvania U.S.A.   Rachel D'Angeli and Joe Bernstein
109 Muchomas Philadelphia Pennsylvania U.S.A.   Sam Lehr
110 Night Owl Greenville South Carolina U.S.A.   Makesha Duncan
111 Olive and Sinclair Nashville Tennessee U.S.A.   Scott Witherow
112 Sublime Allen Texas U.S.A.   Troy Easton
113 Isidro Austin Texas U.S.A.   Adam Gretencord
114 Kiskadee Austin Texas U.S.A.   Laura Atlas
115 Ceda Edinburg Texas U.S.A.   Eddie Benavidez
116 Mahogany Lubbock Texas U.S.A.   Joshua Parker
117 Tejas Spring Texas U.S.A.   Scott Moore
118 Noble Bean aka Jerjobo Bountiful Utah U.S.A.   Jerry Tadlock
119 Amano Orem Utah U.S.A.   Art Pollard
120 Ritual Park City Utah U.S.A.   Robbie Stout, Anna Davies
121 Millcreek Cacao Roasters Salt Lake City Utah U.S.A.   Dana Brewster and Mark DelVecchio
122 Solstice Salt Lake City Utah U.S.A.   Scott Querry
123 Coleman and Davis Artisan Choc. Salt Lake City Utah U.S.A.   Morgan Coleman and Phil Davis
124 Chocolate Conspiracy Salt Lake City Utah U.S.A.   AJ Wentworth
125 Kerchner Burlington Vermont U.S.A.   Charles Kerchner
126 Blue Bandana Burlington Vermont U.S.A.   Eric Lampman
127 Pinnacle Enosburg Falls Vermont U.S.A.   Tiffany and Ben Howard
128 Middlebury Middlebury Vermont U.S.A.   Stephanie and Andy Jackson
129 Cao Artisan Bedford Virginia U.S.A.   Carl and Mary Matice
130 Frolic Charlottesville Virginia U.S.A.   Renee Shuman and Logan Byrd
131 Shark Mountain Charlottesville Virginia U.S.A.   Jonny Nuckols
132 Potomac Woodbridge Virginia U.S.A.   Ben Rasmussen
133 Fresco Lynden Washington U.S.A.   Rob Anderson
134 StRita Supreme Marysville Washington U.S.A.   John Henry
135 Theo Seattle Washington U.S.A.   Joe Whinney
136 Indi Seattle Washington U.S.A.   Erin Andrews
137 Tease Chocolate Vashon Washington U.S.A.   Julie Farrell
138 Undone Washington D.C. Washington D.C. U.S.A.   Adam and Kristen Kavalier
139 Concept C Washington D.C. Washington D.C. U.S.A.   Sarah and Colin Hartman
140 ChiamMaya Huntington West Virginia U.S.A.   Walt Lewis
141 Tabal Milwaukee Wisconsin U.S.A.   Dan Bieser
142 Indulgence Milwaukee Wisconsin U.S.A.   Julie Waterman
143 Sjolinds Chocolate Mount Horeb Wisconsin U.S.A.   Tracy Thompson
144 Del Sol Viroqua Wisconsin U.S.A.   Lynn Kronschnabel
145 Bar Smiths     U.S.A.   n/a
146 Choklat Calgary Alberta Canada   Brad Churchill
147 Take a Fancy Burnaby British Columbia Canada   Becks D'Angelo
148 Organicfair Cobble Hill British Columbia Canada   Kent Goodwin
149 Beanpod Fernie British Columbia Canada   James and Mary Heavey
150 Wild Sweets Richmond British Columbia Canada   Dominique & Cindy Duby
151 East Van Roasters Vancouver British Columbia Canada   Shelley Bolton and Merri Schwartz
152 Sirene Artisan Victoria British Columbia Canada   Taylor Kennedy
153 Living Libations Haliburton Ontario Canada   Nadine Artemis and Ron Obadia
154 Habitual London Ontario Canada   Dave Cook
155 Hummingbird Ottawa Ontario Canada   Erica Gilmour
156 Soma Toronto Ontario Canada 2003 David & Cynthia Castelan
157 Chocosol Toronto Ontario Canada   Michael Sacco
158 Ambrosia Waterloo Ontario Canada   Tim Simpson and Aura Hertzog
159 Olivia Cantley Quebec Canada   David MacDonald
160 Chaleur B Chocolat Carleton-sur-Mer Quebec Canada   Dany Marquis
161 Chocolats Privilege Montreal Quebec Canada   Ludovic Fresse
162 Palette de Bine Mont-Tremblant Quebec Canada   Christine Blais



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